We ensure world class  woven garments as per the demand of the buyers while maintaining the quality of designing, cutting, sewing, washing, printing, embroidering, finishing using modern machinery with the help of our skilled workers.
Our garments have withstood all international standards with the most sophisticated customer requirements.
We make sure that we supply any kind of clothing according to the buyer’s demand and order.

Product list:

Woven bottom wears :

Men’s Pants :

          🔷Basic pants

          🔷 Long pants

          🔷 Ladies Pants

          🔷 Kid’s Pants

          🔷 Shorts

Top  wears :      

          🔷 Casual Shirt

          🔷 Top Wear

          🔷 Dress Shirt

          🔷 Flannel Shirts

Woven Outerwear :

          🔷 Basic Jacket

          🔷 Basic Lined Jacket

          🔷 Bomber Jacket

          🔷 Down Jacket

          🔷 Function Jacket

          🔷 Function Jacket

          🔷 Padded Jacket

          🔷 Woven Pullover

          🔷 Sealed Jacket

          🔷 Sun dress

          🔷 Woven vest

          🔷 Denim outer wear

Active, Sports, and Work Wear :

          🔷 Action Fleece Jackets

          🔷 Sports Sweats

          🔷 Swim Parkas

          🔷 Band Parkas

          🔷 Warm-Up Suits

          🔷 Sports Pants

          🔷 Sports Jackets

          🔷 Sports Jersey

          🔷 Promotional Jersey

          🔷 Nylon and Wool Award Jackets

          🔷 Corduroy Jackets

          🔷 Twill Poplin Jackets

          🔷 Supplex Jackets

          🔷 Satin Jackets

Inner wears:

          🔷 Woven Boxer Shorts

          🔷 Woven Flannel Shorts

          🔷 Woven Loungewear


Let’s have a look into our woven gallery that what we have for you!

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